SANOCHEMIA Pharmazeutika GmbH
Landegger Straße 7 und 33 A-2491
Neufeld an der Leitha

Quality from Austria

The benchmark for
specialty pharmaceuticals

We are a high-performance pharmaceutical niche supplier in the heart of Europe with a proven track record in the development and GMP-compliant production of APIs as well as pharmaceuticals. As a traditional company, we produce for ourselves as well as contract manufacturer. We operate globally and produce flexibly, with the highest quality as a reliable partner for our customers.

Business areas

Because we put
quality first

Imaging Agents

In Austria, we develop, produce and distribute some of the most established generic imaging agents as Sanochemia branded products. Our products help physicians make efficient therapeutic decisions for patients.

Contract Manufacturing

With contract manufacturing of sterile and low-bioburden liquids as well as APIs, we offer in-depth expertise in the field of drug product and API production. As a full-service provider, we also support with GMP services.


Our focus on high-quality API synthesis completes our “made in Austria” offering. Innovative APIs for the treatment of muscle spasms and Alzheimer’s disease are produced and distributed by Sanochemia.


Flexible offerings and a wide range of services

By developing, manufacturing and distributing pharmaceutical specialities, Sanochemia has been contributing to people’s health for over 30 years.We focus on setting new standards in the quest for excellence in contract manufacturing. Our goal is to produce high quality pharmaceutical specialties for physicians and partner companies.

Flexible production

Our production facilities and train concept enable us to respond quickly to requirements and deliver the highest quality in accordance with cGMP requirements.

Comprehensive services

Our highly qualified team is on hand to provide a comprehensive range of technical, procedural and regulatory services.

Reliable quality

We focus on quality and ensure that GMP-compliant production and a high degree of flexibility complement each other.

Customized solutions

The products are filled, labeled and packaged in various sizes – with maximum flexibility and focus on individual customer needs.


Radiology, Neurology, Urology

Our focus is on the development and manufacturing of products in the fields of radiology, neurology and urology. As a renowned Austrian manufacturer of generics and active ingredients, we have particular expertise in the field of radiology. Our contrast media for CT and MR are used for diagnostic imaging in over 40 countries worldwide.  Active ingredients produced by us in the fields of neurology and urology can be used, for example, as muscle relaxants, in Alzheimer’s therapy or in the diagnosis of urinary bladder tumors.

Innovative Products

In-house research and development capacities and an attractive production site in the middle of Europe, in Neufeld an der Leitha, form the ideal basis for future developments. Our employees are the heart of Sanochemia and put a lot of experience, passion and commitment into the manufacturing of our products.

We focus on the development, production and distribution of pharmaceuticals – so-called Finished Dosage Forms – and active ingredients – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients – for specific medical applications.  The needs of patients, customers and healthcare professionals provide us with the impetus for new developments. Together with a network of partnerships, we evaluate new products for the future.

Distribution countries
Years of experience

Together for
a brighter life

As a medium-sized Austrian pharmaceutical company with a long tradition, we specialize in niches and are able to respond particularly flexibly to our customers.

“Together for a brighter life” means more to us than just a slogan. Our imaging agents literally brighten lives and make the invisible visible. In this way, they ensure optimal therapeutic decisions for patients worldwide.

We are appreciative and authentic. We see joint development with partner companies and employees as an important cornerstone of our entrepreneurial activities. We believe that the best products and the highest quality are the result of passion, cooperation and commitment of each individual. This enables us to go the “extra mile” and has created a reputation as a reliable partner with great potential for the future.

The foundation for this is a team of dedicated and highly competent people who walk the path together with us and live first-class product quality, flexibility and customer orientation every day.

Pharmaceutical specialties from Austria
We put our customers at the center of everything we do.
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